The Printing Source Goes Green

We know that you care about the environment and want to make sure that you are working with a printing company that shares your same values.

To us, environmental protection is a personal concern because, like you, we want to drink safe water, breathe clean air and allow our children to also enjoy these same privileges. Acting responsibly toward a clean environment is fundamental and factored into everything we now do.

The Printing Source and our suppliers are committed to eco-reform. We are developing multi-faceted approaches to improve the industry’s ecological footprint. Some of the many strategies we are embracing include: buying sustainably manufactured paper; using electricity generated by wind power; recycling aggressively; using vegetable-based inks and low-VOC press washes; and to some extent, printing using our new DI waterless press.

We cannot do this alone and we will not progress toward our goals by working in a vacuum. This is a new era, we are standing on new ground and all answers are not always obvious. But if we support each other by sharing information and resources we can accomplish great things. We invite you to help us and partner with us to attain and strengthen your environmental initiatives.